Monday, April 15, 2013

Collin Bought a Jaguar

We've been sick. Really, really sick. All of February, all of March, and by the looks of it, all of April. I'm a bit at my wits end, by which I mean please just leave me alone to die in peace.

So forgive me if I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention when Collin put his iPhone in front of me the other night and said, "Look at this car! It's only $xxxx! I could buy that!"

Andy, I think, was paying a bit more attention, but he'd had a bad day so his reaction wasn't really the best, either. He hit disbelieving dad lecture mode in about two seconds.

In my mind, I was thinking. "Let's not get upset over this fictional-to-us car. That would be like arguing over what to name our eighth child!"

In the connection between my mind and Andy's, I was saying, "It's okay.... Let him think about it. Let him even go and look at it.... he got his current car less than a year ago. He won't sell it!" Andy apparently agreed and began making "cool car!" comments, and I felt we had completed yet another successful Hanauer evening.

"If you start really thinking about it, sweetie, let us know and we can discuss it. Now I'm off to bed!"

Or something like that.

The very next day, Collin came home with a Jaguar.

A 2003, shiny black and chrome, Grey Poupon Jaguar. It looks like Collin borrowed it from his grandfather or is being paid by the old guy next door to run it through the car wash. It is beautiful.

For years I've wanted a Jaguar. Collin and Andy laugh at me for this. They say Jaguars are for old people. I disagree. I think they are just.... pretty. So I've told them both that when we finally toss the minivan, we're bringing home a Jaguar. Well, we have a Jaguar now, but it's Collin's.

"Are you mad at me because I have a Jaguar and you don't?"

"Er, no.... But can I drive it?"

Picture of the Jag forthcoming.

UPDATE! Pictures now added here.


  1. Ha! I want to see a picture. :)

    1. And I want to show pictures! Collin said he wants to do some fancy something or other with pictures before he shows them to anyone. I'm not sure why... the car is beautiful and in perfect condition, but I will respect his wishes! (unless he takes TOO much longer):)

  2. Jaguars are timeless! I understand what makes you want to have that car, Jamie. At least, even if it's not yours, you can borrow and drive it yourself. See if this car is really what you want. I hope that someday, you'd be able to purchase your dream car as well.